Many of us already wear a ring — and when unlike a watch, we leave it on all the time. That's why the Motiv Activity Tracking Ring sits on your finger instead of your wrist. Inside its unassuming waterproof case is a trio of sensors that let it keep tabs on your heart rate, calories burned, active minutes, sleep duration, distance, and steps, all without pinging you every time you get an email. It comes with both keychain and desk chargers, gets up to five days of battery life, and is available in rose gold or slate gray titanium.



There are dozens of treadmills on the market, but nearly all of them are built with a thick base and a bulky, command-center style handrail. The Treadly Ultra-Thin Treadmill is different. It weighs just 55 lbs, is just 3.5 inches thick, and uses infrared sensors to track your foot position and adjust the speed accordingly. For walks up to 3.7 mph, you don't even need to put up the handrail, but raise it, and the maximum speed will increase to a steady 5 mph job. An LCD screen on the front displays key workout metrics, and thanks to its svelte design, it's easy to store, and also works great as a companion for a standing desk.


Everyone knows the value of a good chin-up or pull-up set, but many hotel gyms don't have what you need to stick to your body weight regimen. Innovating on the now-classic design of door-frame mounted bars, the Flexr Folding Pullup Bar is a surprisingly travel-friendly option. It collapses down into a bundle that can fit in your daypack or desk drawer without a second thought. The build is sturdy, with bent steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and injection-molded plastic components, yet weighs just six pounds, so it's fine for slipping in your checked bag.



Enjoy mastering incredibly close, barbershop-quality shaves while eliminating nicks and irritation with OneBlade's innovative and award-winning single edge razor, available in the OneBlade CORE Edition Shave Set. This shave set includes a USA-made OneBlade CORE pivoting single-edge razor in black with a stainless-steel core, along with a stylish black anodized aluminum razor display stand, a premium vegan shave brush, and a month's worth of razor blades, moisturizing shave cream, and oil-free post shave repair gel -- it's the perfect way to experience the best of traditional shaving and the benefits of a safety razor without the costs of a steep learning curve.


If you think all pomades are the same, then you haven't tried any of the selections from the Baxter Pomade Mixer Kit. The kit includes four different pomades, with firm holds, light holds, and natural, matte, or shine finishes. Each pomade in the kit is great for travel, and allows you to find the perfect pomade cocktail to keep your hair looking fresh and clean on a daily basis.



After a long, hard day of doing manly things like Yeti hunting and combing your pomp back into place, a real man needs his comb to do double duty. The Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener not only keeps you high-and-tight, it also helps you crack open a bottle of your favorite liquid bread. Designed by an authentic, tattooed barber and crafted completely in Buckeye country, these hardcore combs are laser cut from 12ga stainless steel, and come in two versions — a mini Mustache/ Beard Comb ($10) or the big daddy Full Size Comb ($23).


Made using the best essential oils & botanical extracts available, these natural deodorants from Misc. Goods Co. are formulated to keep you smelling fresh all day. After testing 20 different prototypes, they landed on two complex, unique fragrances. Underhill is a mix of 14 ingredients and was inspired by the smells of traveling in nature, while Valley of Gold combines 11 ingredients for a floral, earthy aroma. Made in the U.S.A., both are aluminum and paraben free and act as a natural antiperspirant.



For his role as Cable in Deadpool 2, Josh Brolin turned to LA-based trainer Justin Lovato to help transform him into the ripped, time-traveling assassin he plays in the film. The intense workout program put the 50-year-old actor in the gym five to six days per week and is available to everyone through this 12-week program. CableBuilt is laid out in comic book form with original illustrations and includes detailed training splits with corresponding workouts, diets with comprehensive explanations, and a full supplement protocol from the trainer and former pro bodybuilder.


Hand mixed in Nashville, Ranger Station Unisex Eau De Parfum features scents inspired by nature. Each bottle boasts a fresh, accurate formulation and uses only the most concentrated, real raw materials with no filler or additives. Choose from the earthy, fresh Oakmoss, the calming Leather + Pine, the sandalwood and supple tanned leather tinged Santalum, or the crisp, woodsy Birch Bark.



Initially launched as a crowd-funded curiosity, Bose Sleepbuds are now available to everyone who wants help getting a good night's sleep. These tiny earpieces use noise-isolating tips to help drown out unwanted noise, and a library of 10 pre-loaded soothing sounds to mask any remaining disturbances. Three sizes of tips ensure a comfortable fit, a charging case ensures they're juiced up, and a companion app lets you customize settings like volume, your preferred sounds, playback time, and alarms.


It might look like a normal belt, but if you find yourself out in the wilderness and short on supplies, the Survival Belt will do far more than your average leather strap. Remove the ratchet-style buckle from the belt and it becomes a versatile multitool, with a knife blade, bottle opener, firestarter, and LED light. Thanks to nylon fiber unibody construction, the buckle itself is nearly as rugged as the strap, which is waterproof, flexes even rimmed with ice, abrasion resistant, UV protected, and available in four colors.