Popsmoke Charcoal is a Veteran Owned, American Made charcoal company. Our Flagship bag is 'Appalachian Smoke' which is sourced from the western side of the Appalachians in Kentucky.

We reference this in two ways on our bag, the first being the highlighted portion of the 'Join or Die' snake which shows Virginia (Kentucky was part of Virginia), and a map from 1776 on the side of the bag which shows the region it was sourced.


The Barbecutioner has taken a vow to retain his secret.

Why do you love wood?

Real talk though, our forefathers were stackin’ lumber long before they started stackin’ bodies for Old Glory.

Does the Barbecutioner know the President

You ever seen an oil painting of Valley Forge? Yea, tell me how many propane grills you see? NOT ONE. You think Washington had time to mess around with those fancy dials and Bluetooth thermometers that don’t work 90% of the time? Nah homie, my man was too busy snappin’ necks and cashin’ checks for Lady Liberty to toy with all that jazz. You know my man used homegrown quality charcoal to keep those freedom flames burning!